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About our EHR Platform

Cloud-based, HIPAA compliant and ONC Certified complete EHR. It offers total reliability, maximum security and top of the line performance being on one of the largest cloud networks on the planet, the Microsoft Azure. It is fully integrated with our practice management and medical billing software.

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Great Features

• Patient Demographics
• Advanced Patient Scheduling
• Complete Electronic Medical Records
• Electronic Prescriptions
• Electronic Lab Procedure
• Clinical Rules
• Interactive Patient Portal
• Powerful Reporting
• MU Support
• And more…

Maximum Security

It offers four nested levels of security:
• The Cloud Network level provided by the Microsoft Azure Network.
• The OS level, having setup on the most secured Linux operating system.
• The application level, which comes in the form of user groups and security privileges, and finally, the wrap-up SSL which encrypts the entire communication pipeline.

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Data Integrity

Unlike many cloud application vendors out there, when you sign up with our EHR platform, you get a dedicated instance of the application on the cloud. This gives you the best of the two worlds, having a dedicated installation just for your practice and being able to access that 24/7 on the cloud.

Data ownership

With us, you have true and complete data ownership over your patients' records. Using the backup option in your application administrative dashboard, you can acquire a complete copy of your EHR database to be downloaded to your hard drive for as many times as you want, for free.


Integration with Our Billing System!

The integration level between our EHR and billing system is quite extended. At the end of the day, patients’ pertinent billing information such as codes, modifiers and units can be easily exported from our EHR platform to billing system for quick and thorough processing of all claims. Such automated integration ensures data integrity and streamlines workflow.