Technology Solutions Dental Billing Software

About our Dental Billing Software

It is a comprehensive and professional dental billing software system for the busy office. Our Practice Management software was designed to handle the billing functions for all types of dental specialties with ease, including medical-dental crossover. Whether you use it in your practice or outsource your billing operation to our professional billing service it is important to ensure that your business is being handled using the most comprehensive, accurate, failsafe and feature-rich software on the market.

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Great Features

• Fast and stable
• Graphical tooth chart
• Built-in, graphic, and custom reports
• Patient forms
• Email and integrated texting
• Microsoft .NET framework
• Modern MYSQL database
• Secure and compliant with all regulations
• Interoperable with many bridges to other programs such as imaging and X-Ray software
• More functionality and features for dentists to enjoy.

Efficient Scheduling

• Electronic Services
• Mass Email
• Texting
• Messaging
• E-Reminders
• E-Confirmations
• Automated Thank-You.

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