Charge & Code Analysis


Timely reimbursements are impacted by two main components: proper coding and accurate claims processing. When incorrect codes are used, your claims are rejected which delays payment and ultimately impacts your bottom line - Cash Flow.

We can provide you with a free analysis of your medical or dental procedure codes. Simply provide us with your listing of all your medical or dental codes (CPT, HCPCS, or CDT). We will provide you with a professional code review report that details the status on each procedure code. This report also includes a vital financial summary showing any adverse effects on your cash flow, such as potential income loss, because of using incorrect codes.

There is more! We can also provide you with a free billing cost analysis report that compares the precise cost of your in-house billing operation to the national average. This can help you determine where in your practice you may cut expenses and if outsourcing your billing makes financial sense.

The concept of this service is based on the various direct and indirect costs incurred in processing medical claims in-house, such as:
• Labor Costs including benefits
• Postage, Claim Forms, and Envelope Costs
• Error Processing
• Administrative and Billing Costs
• Rental Overhead
• Time Value of Money
• Systems Upgrades & Maintenance